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Non-contact Portable
Self-test Tonometer

About Company

' Creative + Technology '

C&V Tech was established in 2015, and our company aims to develop medical devices with creative and valuable technology, helping the patient enjoy a healthy and happy life. To accomplish this goal, our company actively participates in research and development projects initiated by the Korean government, as well as established research cooperation with hospitals, universities, and industries with specialized technologies.


TONO·i is an innovative product developed using patents obtained through
industry-academia research.7 patents, 2 trademarks
Non-contact Tonometer without anesthesia, pain, and contamination concerns
Unlike conventional contact-type tonometer, TONO·i are safe to use without the need for anesthesia, pain or contamination.
Self-measuring an Tonometer that can be measured at home
The TONO·i is light, easy to carry and self-measurement for anytime, anywhere use.
Easy-to-use operation
TONO·i is a convenient device for anyone who passes the User Conformance Test at Wonju severance Christian Hospital.
Innovative low price that can be purchased by individuals
TONO·i is providing about low price of a conventional home pressure system for the convenience of patients and the reduction of manufacturing costs due to our unique technology.
Innovative products with a rich collection of technologies
TONO·i is an innovative product that was developed using patents obtained through industry-academic cooperation with Kangwon National University (Registration of 7 patents, 2 trademarks).

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